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    The End...and The Beginning

    March 28

    Today, I can share with you what has been in the works for some time. CollegeRPI.com and CollegeBCS.com are being shut down, and my data and writing has found a new home on CBSSports.com.

    Those of you who have been here for a while know that I have been doing some work the last several years for CBSSports.com, and before that, CSTV. However, as time has gone on, serving two masters has become increasingly difficult to manage.

    I am excited to be a part of the great coverage of college football and basketball at CBSSports.com. Moving my data and writing to CBSSports.com affords me an opportunity to do some things I would have never been able to do on my own. Also, all of my work will be available for free there, so hopefully, that will be better for you too.

    As part of the shut down, all subscriptions were canceled so that no more automatic payments would be processed. You will still have access to the site as long as the site remains accessible.

    I will always be grateful to all of you who have supported this little adventure of mine. I have been running this site, in one form or another, for 18 years. I never thought more than a handful of people would have any interest it this kind of thing. So, thank you for sharing my interest and passion. And I hope to see you over at CBSSports.com.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at jppalm@yahoo.com.

    My Bracket

    March 14

    For those of you interested, here's my bracket. Updated since the Fab Melo news.

    First RoundSecond RoundRegional SemisRegional Final
  • 1 KY over 16 WKU (over MVSU)
  • 9 UConn over 8 Iowa St
  • 4 Indiana over 13 NM St
  • 5 St over 12 VCU
  • 2 Duke over 15 Lehigh
  • 10 Xavier over 7 ND
  • 3 Baylor over 14 S Dakota St
  • 6 UNLV over 11 Colorado
  • KY over UConn
  • Wichita over Ind
  • Duke over Xavier
  • Baylor over UNLV
  • KY over Wichita
  • Baylor over Duke
  • KY over Baylor
  • West
  • 1 Mich St over 16 LIU
  • 8 Memphis over 9 SLU
  • 13 David over 4 Louis
  • 12 LBSU over 5 New Mex
  • 2 Mizzou over 15 Norfolk
  • 10 UVa over 7 Florida
  • 3 Marq over 14 BYU (over Iona)
  • 6 Murray over 11 Colo St
  • MSU over Memphis
  • LBSU over David
  • Mizzou over UVa
  • Murray over Marq
  • MSU over LBSU
  • Mizzou over Murray
  • Mizzou over MSU
  • East
  • 1 Syr over 16 UNCA
  • 8 KSU over 9 S Miss
  • 4 Wisc over 13 Montana
  • 5 Vandy over 12 Harvard
  • 2 OSU over 15 Loyola
  • 7 OSU over 10 WVU
  • 3 FSU over 14 Bonny
  • 6 Cinci over 11 Texas
  • Syr over KSU
  • Wisc over Vandy
  • OSU over OSU
  • Cinci over FSU
  • Wisc over Syr
  • OSU over Cinci
  • OSU over Wisc
  • Midwest
  • 1 UNC over 16 Lamar (over VT)
  • 8 Creigh over 9 Bama
  • 4 Mich over 13 Ohio
  • 5 Temple over 12 USF (over Cal)
  • 2 Kansas over 15 Rbt Morr
  • 10 Purdue over 7 SMC
  • 3 G'town over 14 Belmont
  • 11 NCSU over 6 San Diego St
  • UNC over Creigh
  • Mich over Temple
  • Kansas over Purdue
  • G'town over NCSU
  • UNC over Mich
  • Kansas over G'town
  • Kansas over UNC
  • Final Four
  • KY over Mizzou
  • Kansas over Ohio St
  • Championship
  • Kentucky over Kansas
  • Site Update

    February 25

  • I am working on adding the conference tournament schedule. Hope to get that on this morning.

    February 21

  • First things first - I need to apologize for the lack of written content on the site. Serving two masters has become more and more difficult, and especially so this season. The result is that most of my writing will be on my CBS blog this season. I may add things here as time permits. The Fence Sitters page is iffy. For now, check the bubble watch on my CBS page.

    The numbers and brackets will still be posted here. Numbers are updated daily. Brackets right now on Tuesday and Friday.

    The CBS page is at http://www.cbssports.com/collegebasketball/bracketology

    Thank you for your understanding and patience.

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